It’s so easy to read the Bible and see the people in it as people of incredible faith or to marvel at the miracles that they experience as something that we could never see in our lives. Jesus is here with us today. As much as he called the disciples, he has called us to live lives of supernatural power. He is calling us to step out in faith. We asks us to walk in obedience. He is calling us to feel his power at work in the mundane parts of our lives, redeeming them, and using them to glorify himself.

Hold That Thought, Jesus

We tend to compartmentalize our lives. We make little boxes for the different parts of our world and rarely mix their contents. We step into our spiritual box periodically to check in with how Jesus is doing, and then move on to another box.

That was a nice little church day yesterday, but now it’s Monday! Okay, here I go with work…oh, Jesus, hey! What are you doing here?

Jesus wants to mix into our boxes. In fact, he frequently asks us to turn our boxes upside down at his feet, surrendering the contents to him. We find that this concept of compartmentalization was entirely our idea- not his.

In Luke 5, Jesus is called upon to teach. He teaches using a lesson based on one man’s day-to-day, stinky, dirty job.

Luk 5:1-11 NIV 1 One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God. 2 He saw at the water’s edge two boats, left there by the fishermen, who were washing their nets. 3 He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and asked him to put out a little from shore. Then he sat down and taught the people from the boat. 4 When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” 5 Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” 6 When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. 7 So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink. 8 When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” 9 For he and all his companions were astonished at the catch of fish they had taken, 10 and so were James and John, the sons of Zebedee, Simon’s partners. Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” 11 So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.

Jesus literally got into the boats of some fisherman who were wrapping up a hard day’s work. We don’t actually even know what he taught on that day, but we know from this scripture that he changed some lives that day. Three men became disciples. What made them special? They said ‘yes’. They walked in obedience.

Painting of Jesus speaking to Peter in his boat. His net shows very few fish in it.
“So, you’re into…fish?”

When Jesus asked to use their boats- not just to use them but for the men to help him reach the people, they said ‘Yes’. Maybe they were like me sometimes when Jesus gets into “my” business and asks me to surrender a part of my daily life to him. I tend to think or act like, “Okay, fine, Jesus. You can have my boat. Okay? Now, leave me alone, I have nets to mend.” I would never talk to Jesus like that, but I live like that all the time.

Then Jesus keeps pushing. In this case, at the end of their day, Jesus asks Simon to go back to work. Simon is tired. He’s got everything set to go back to work early the next morning. But Jesus is calling Simon to more. He asks Simon to trust him and obey the simple call to action in the moment that could seem so stupid.

We all have the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us. The very Spirit of Christ beckons us to more closeness and more fruit. The GivenLife.com theme verse, John 10:10 offers us abundant life in Jesus. The thief is the one who argues, ‘Nah, just keep everything in that box of yours. Why would you want to get your nets back out? It’s time to go eat. Jesus loves you, right? Why would Jesus want you to suffer and waste your time? Let’s go. This can wait.’

Abundant life and the experience of power in our lives requires obedience to the voice of Jesus. Simon surrenders his nets to Jesus’s will. He has a relationship with him in that moment where he tells Jesus how he’s feeling but then says, because you will it…He says ‘Yes’. He goes out into deep water for Jesus. In front of everyone, he goes fishing with a carpenter.

He lands one heck of a catch!

That’s the part that we see in the Bible and think, ‘Man, I wish Jesus would help me land a whopper like that.’ 😒

We see other people who have amazing blessings that we want and let jealousy and regret fill us. That’s not what God is calling us to either. How silly is it that we are there, organizing our piddly little crap in our tiny boxes, all the while resenting that other people have larger boxes with better stuff than us? We need to surrender our boxes to Jesus and let him fill them until they are bursting!

Don’t Settle for Worldly Victory

We can follow this line of thinking. It’s easy for our little human brains to go into this transactional mode and say, “Okay, so I give up a little and then get a lot.” That’s human thinking for you. But it’s also the thief’s voice in our ear that’s trying to keep us from Heavenly riches and exchange them for fish that will eventually be gone, smelling and rotten.

Jesus calls Simon and his friends to more, and he’s calling us to more too. We miss Jesus when we don’t continue to say ‘Yes’. What if we read this scripture and Simon obeyed Jesus up to this point and then said, “See you, Jesus, and thanks for all the fish!” We can see from our current point of view that he would be a fool to be fixated on the heap of fish that he just landed. Simon (Simon Peter) is Peter- the “on this rock, I will build my church” Peter. He had a lot more encounters of power with Jesus waiting for him. In that moment though, Peter was just Simon with two boats full of fish.

Accept Restoration and a Higher Call

Simon is filled with awe and shame at how he doesn’t deserve this miracle in his life. He actually tells Jesus to go away. Can you relate to that? It’s a natural (but unhealthy) tendency to let ourselves languish in shame. We are truly unworthy in the natural world, but we are not merely flesh creatures. We were created and then redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Jesus is calling us worthy. Who are we to tell the King of Kings, “No, Jesus. I know better than you do. I’m actually unworthy. Go away!”

That’s not our job. We have no place telling Jesus that he can’t have us, our boxes of compartmentalization, or the piddly garbage in those boxes. If Jesus says that we are worthy, we need to surrender our pride and accept the higher call on our lives.

Move On to the Next Season

Simon and his buddies don’t just keep fishing. It would be easy for them to believe that apparently, Jesus wanted them to be the world’s best fisherman. Maybe God would bless them with two boats full of fish every night!

Instead, they recognize the pile of fish for what it is: evidence of the glory of Jesus. Jesus is worth pursuing and that means stepping into the next season of life for them. They pull their boats onto shore and follow Jesus to become fishers of men.

It’s important not to let the needs of this world get in the way of a move of Jesus in our lives. Fishers of men make less money than fishers of fish. They ate well and had a blast while they were walking with Jesus, but then Jesus sends them out later with only the clothes on their body and a walking stick.

The season after that? Their Messiah dies. After that? They receive the Holy Spirit and work amazing miracles like Jesus. The season after that? They are persecuted and killed. There are so many ups and downs in life. We need to accept that. We have to know that we are waging war against the forces of darkness and be willing to fight.

The thief wants us to polish our little knick knacks and surrender to him instead of marching into the service of Jesus. Move into the next season of your life. Fight with power on your side. Do the painful thing that is worthwhile. Push your boat back into the water if that’s what Jesus is calling you to next, but also be willing to walk away from that boat if Jesus is calling you to something else next.

How Do I Know What is Next?

Not knowing what is next is totally normal. We are walking in faith. The only answer is connection with Jesus. Keep following his voice. He leads with peace and helps you walk through scary times like we are living through today. It was not easy for Simon to walk away from his job as a fisherman to become a disciple. Simon stepped out in faith to become the Peter he was called to be.

Later, he would step out of a boat and walk on water with Jesus. He started sinking when he took his eyes off of Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Follow him and you’ll step into what’s next too.

Connection with God in worship is critical for a healthy relationship with our Creator. Despite its importance, emotional and intellectual baggage can weigh us down in times of worship. The enemy of our souls wants us to focus on the things that would stand between a closer relationship with us and God. Satan wants to take the focus away from Jesus where it belongs and to instead think about… just about anything else. God seeks intimacy with us in worship, and Satan hates that. He wants us to instead feel as far away from God as can be. 

It’s horrible that this baggage, and the enemy of our soul, gets in our way in moments that can be so healing and holy. In my journey as a Christian, I’ve learned several important lessons that have helped my worship to become authentic, joyful, relationship-based, and less religious and empty-feeling. If you’ll open yourself to these ideas and be willing to feel a little odd at first, soon you’ll experience new closeness to God in worship.

Learn to Raise Your Hands

I grew up in churches where it was really weird for people to raise their hands during worship. Our hands were attached to hymnals as we sang traditional songs. 

You could feel the congregation’s relief as we went back to the chorus after singing the third verse that no one but the oldest church members knew. I share that, not to be critical of churches that still worship this way but to contrast that with my current worship life. 

I raise my hands in worship. It’s an outward expression of what I’m feeling inside. Raising hands has gone from something that I thought only weird people did to being something that I can’t imagine not doing.

I was exposed to more expressive worship during my teenage years- a time when everyone feels insecure with their bodies and social life. That insecurity made raising my hands even harder. For years, I thought people would judge me if I raised my hands. It felt like admitting something was wrong with me. Spoiler alert: there was!

Satan compounded that insecurity with pride.

When a worship leader asked the congregation to raise their hands, it yanked me out of worship. If I were at peace and was connecting with God the moment before, it didn’t matter. 

It made me angry when a worship leader said, “Let’s all raise our hands to God.”

“Who do you think you are to tell me how to worship God?” I would think to myself. 

God pointed out a flaw in my thinking: If this person is leading the room in worship and I believe that God appoints people to places of leadership (Romans 13:1), then the question turns from “Who do they think they are?!” to “Who do I think I am?!” 

If I believe that this person can hear from God and they ask me to do something for God’s benefit, I should be willing to raise my hands and do all sorts of other things as long as they are Biblical- even if it makes me feel foolish. Resistance to raise my hands had nothing to do with a Biblical objection (see 100 verses regarding lifting hands). It was all about pride in my heart.

Soon after that, I was raising my hands and it was the purest act of worship I could give at the time. It was still painful for my flesh. I felt silly at first. But that was key. It was a physical representation of surrender and it brought me closer to God every time. 

It still does.

Learn to Smile at God

A man named Dave Powers was preaching at Rez.Church years ago. It was a unique message that was 50% worship service and 50% spoken message. 

In this service, Dave made a comment like, “Just smile at God. Did you know that you can smile at God? We so often get stuck with this stink face on us while we worship- like we’re in pain or something. Sometimes that is natural, but did you know that you can smile and worship with joy?! Smile at God while you worship sometimes!”

I wish I could find a recording- especially a video of that message- because it was a powerful lesson for me that I’d love to review every once in a while. We can smile at God!

The first time you do this, you might feel a little goofy. But as we’ll get to in a minute, if you do it with authenticity it is natural. 

You are worshiping a person- not an idea. You’re not worshiping the song you’re singing. You’re not performing on stage. You’re telling a person how you feel. 

When you talk to other people, you smile when you’re happy. You smile when someone does something that makes you feel good. God does SO much for us! He gives us a lot to smile about!

So when you’re worshiping and making a joyful noise, make a point of expressing that joy with a smile on your face!

Learn to Worship with Authenticity

In worship, we should not put on any pretense. If we are hurting, it’s okay to hurt. When we sing a line that’s hard to sing because of where we are in life right then, it’s okay for it to be hard. 

Don’t worship if it’s a lie.

When I was a teen, I came to a crossroads moment during a Sonshine Festival concert. We were singing I Love You, Lord. I’d sang that song countless times before, but I realized that I was telling God that I loved him and it wasn’t true! 

I was singing it out of religion. I believed in God, but it wasn’t a loving relationship from my end. I was practicing my parents’ religion and not truly worshiping. 

It broke me but in a good way. I decided that I would pursue a love relationship with Jesus and over time, after shaking off empty worship and embracing worship as communication with my savior, I fell in love with God for real.

Pursue the same thing for yourself. Make your worship mean something. Just be honest with him. You can talk to him when everyone else is singing. If you’re feeling far away from God while everyone else is worshiping, take a moment to speak out loud, “God, I feel far away from you.”

Try to get out of your head. Stop analyzing or being dramatic and focus on connection. I actually struggled with worship for a while again, because of Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins. 

The guy is hilarious, but his bit about worship positions messed with me. I couldn’t assume any sort of physical position without thinking about whether I was “carrying the TV’ or doing the ‘goal post’. 

I watch that Tim Hawkins video now and I can kinda smile but I felt more mocked than being able to laugh at myself. I told you: I had baggage about this!

I hope that video doesn’t trouble anyone reading this but I share it because Satan would use that to mess with me. Authentic worship is a dangerous weapon of spiritual warfare. The forces of Hell will do anything to keep us from it. In my case, it was persuading me to take offense at a little Christian comedy. Stupid!

I got over it and moved on when I realized Satan’s ploy.

When I moved and started going to Renovation Church in Mansfield, MO, I was taken aback at first because they use televisions and lyric videos for worship rather than having a worship band. But within a song or two I realized that I loved it! 

Dimmly lit sanctuary with monitors displaying background images as people stand in worship at Renovation Church in Mansfield, Missouri
Renovation Church, Mansfield, MO

It was far less distracting. At the start of worship, the lights go down, they crank up the speakers, and it’s just you and God and the words on the screen. I can’t tell you how often I have been distracted in the past by what was happening on the stage during worship.

“I wonder where So And So is? Did she have her baby?” 

Or “Wow, that guy should not try to rock that haircut. It doesn’t work for him,” I would think. 

I was never so distractible or shallow as when I was worshiping with my eyes open during those services.

Do what you need to do to enter into authentic worship. Get out of your head and worship your little heart out! Raise your hands or don’t. Smile or don’t. Don’t let the act of worship be about you or your church or even the song that you’re singing. 

Worship is about appreciating the majesty of our God.

Learn to Worship Without Music, Without Ceasing

Worship is more than good music. My favorite worship songs are written from a first person point of view where “I” is in the lyrics a lot when I am singing about me and God is referred to as “You”. That’s why, I Love You, Lord is still probably my favorite worship song. I’m old school that way.

If it’s a we/us song sung to God, I love that too. Talk about old school: We Exalt Thee can change the atmosphere in a room! But when it’s I Exalt Thee, I really get excited!

I’m a Kim Walker-Smith fan.

Songs with lyrics about God but not directed to God are great on the radio, but don’t feel like worship to me. I have nothing against modern Christian music or music that comes from a dusty hymnal. Worship needs to be about communication. That’s all that matters.

We need to leave our drama behind us and enter into the presence of the One who has given everything to save us and to be with us forever.

Try taking time to find a place alone with God. In absolute silence, try raising your hands in worship. Close your eyes if you need to ignore your surroundings. Then start speaking Biblical truths about who he is. Compliment God on his glory! I’ll close this article with some of my favorite “confessions” if I can call them that- things to speak out loud, to God in worship.

Worship with music or without. Raise your hands in a physical act of surrender if you can. Above all, use worship for its intended purpose- to devote your entire being to recognizing God for who he is. You can do this in tiny moments throughout the day. If you do, you will grow closer and closer to Jesus.

Some Worship Confessions You Can Use

God, you are so good.

You are the King of Kings.

You are my King, Jesus.

God, I’m yours.

Lord, I worship you.

You are worthy, Jesus.

I trust you, Lord.

Thank you for being here, Holy Spirit.

Father, I love you. (if you need to, you can add, “Help me to love you more!” Kinda like this.)

How can we fix a distorted sense of identity and self talk? The enemy of our soul is constantly asking this question of us: “Who do you think you are?!”. Satan tells us that he was the answer: “You’re nothing! You’re capable of nothing. You might as well give up.” He’s lying straight to our faces and many of us believe the lie is true. We should ask ourselves this question. Who do I think I am? Because the truth is that when we tap into the real answer to our identity, our lives change.

The Bible says that the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. Who we are, how we think about ourselves, all of that self-information is held in our hearts. The belief of who we are controls so much of our lives. It shapes our world view. If we feel unworthy of love, then every act and word from people around us will feel hostile. It will seem that the world is out to get us.

When we get our identity from the lies of the devil, it perverts our calling. Where we are called to love and bless, we’ll lash out in anger and speak hateful, death-soaked words that cut and further the lies of the enemy. Our words then reinforce this false identity in ourselves and others.

God says that no man can tame the tongue. So, what do we do? How do we change our own view of who we are? We need to stay connected to Jesus. We need to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit who speaks words of life into our hearts so that when we speak, our hearts are filled with truth and life. Our lives change when we ask Jesus to save us and be our Lord, he offers us a new identity. We just have to seek that out and welcome it in. We can be transformed. We have to accept it and continue to fill ourselves with the truth of our identity.

“Who do you think you are?!” Good question, devil. I’m a child of the Most High. I’m the property of the King of Kings. He calls me his friend. No weapon formed against me will prosper because I am more than a conqueror. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am not a victim. My circumstances do not control who I am. I have lived in plenty and in times of lacking and through it all, my Jesus has been there with me. I am a soldier in the army of Heaven and I rule with the Creator of the Universe as He directs me. He is my source for every need I have. I am his slave- not a slave to sin. I am filled with the fruits of his Spirit. Not fear or pride or lust. I am loved. I am called worthy by Jesus and no one can take that away from me. Yes, I feel pretty good about who I am. 🙂

Father, thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for a new year that we all get to live in. We want to live our best in the new year. We want to glorify you. We want to show your love and awesome power to the world by living excellent lives. We are not worthy in the flesh, but Jesus, you call us worthy. You adopted us into your family and called us sons and daughters and friends. That astounds me, Jesus. Thank you! Whatever you will, God, we are on board for it. We will lay down our fears, our pride, our selfish ambitions. We lay it all at our feet. We want your Kingdom in our lives. Your Kingdom is worth every second of our day and every ounce of energy that you give us. We want your Kingdom to dominate our thoughts and our hearts’ yearnings. We trust you to give us all that we need.

Touch the hurting people in our world. Release our hearts from entanglements of bitterness and pain. We give those to you, Jesus. Thank you for healing our sickness and guiding us when we feel lost. You are our King. We serve you above all else. Lord of Heaven and Earth, we worship you in this new year! Amen.

God of the Universe, we worship you and call all of our bodies and minds into alignment with your Kingdom. Your Kingdom is free of pain. The pain in our bodies and the emotional pain that some of us are experiencing is not of God. We take authority over this pain and command it to leave.

We speak healing into the injured bodies of our brothers and sisters across the globe. Migraines and chronic headaches, back pain, TMJ disorder, menstrual pain, neuralgia, pain after surgery, whatever it is, God, we command it to glorify you: to be healed, leaving the body and spirit free to worship you in wholeness, Jesus.

We also speak healing over the emotions of millions of hurting people in the world, especially each and every hurting person who reads this prayer. Holy Spirit, embrace them with your grace and mercy and love. Heal us with the power of your unconditional love. Help us to know what might be hindering our healing. Help us to let go of our pain and to forgive anyone who has hurt us. You are bigger than pain and bigger than offense, Jesus. Thank you for helping us to become whole again.

Philippians 3:14 KJV I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Father, we lift up these prayers to you:

Thank you for Robin and her daughter in the UK:

A butterfly in Robin's handsThank you for praying for us. Please pray for my daughter to recover from her illness. She has been admitted since last year. Only god can touch my daughter and bless her with a miracle. I plead and beg for I find myself doubting and being scared. I need the Lord to restore my family and bring us back together. My daughter is such a loving, caring and giving child, and seeing her in turmoil and in pain breaks our hearts. She does so much for charities and gives herself to others and now I find the doctors not being able to help. I need God to perform his promise and heal us all as a family. Amen. Thank you

Bless Sharon with favor in the Canadian visa department and with healing:

Please pray that I will get my ten years Canadian visa work permit, permanent residency, and a good job in Canada. I need healing for my heel and knee pain. Also need a closer walk with God. Spiritual and physical healing.

Lord, we pray for Jamie in Columbia, SC:

I very recently began my journey to build a genuine and lasting relationship with God. In the meanwhile I am uncomfortable communicating with God other than to say thanks for my blessings, as I feel asking of Him when I am not fully committed to Him is less than I feel He is worthy of and I can not bring myself to do that.

I have a 1 year old daughter who is my everything. Wednesday morning I am going to court after a lengthy battle (not custody related). I have spent hours preparing for this because of my lack of financial ability to obtain an attorney. This has by far been the most challenging, painful, and frightening experience I’ve ever been through. I have been mentally beat down, legally bullied, and have been stripped of the most important thing to me – my ability to protect my child and provide for her everything she is deserving of. Because the father of my child has a very expensive, very good lawyer he was about to have some very unjust and not in the best interest of our daughter ‘rules’ put into our original court order, limiting my ability to make decisions to protect her from unsafe situations.

I pray that God is with us Wednesday morning. I pray that he is in the heart and mind of the judge, allowing her to see what’s right here, to not be fooled by the trickery or an experienced lawyer. I pray that I am re afforded the ability to protect my daughter, to provide for her properly, to be allowed to give her the best, everything she deserves, and more. I pray that God gives me the strength, wisdom, and clarity to communicate effectively with the judge. I pray that God is with my daughters father and lawyer and puts it in their hearts to put our daughters best interest ahead of her Fathers best interest.

If I knew how to put in to words the extent of my gratitude I would. Thank you, so much.

Heal Glenda’s friend in North Carolina. We agree with her prayer for pain relief.:

My best friend is in the hospital and has been very sick for quite some time. Today she is in a lot of pain due to severe bladder spasms. She has Calciphylaxsis which can cause tissue to die. She has had surgery on both hips to remove dead tissue. Things are beginning to heal, but she is still dealing with so much pain. Please join me in my prayer that God touch her and heal her body and ease the awful pain. Thank you all and I ask that God richly bless each and every one of you in a very special way.

God, I pray that the power that you sent in healing my depression and bipolar disorder would rain down on Marian right now. Heal her mental and physical pains, Holy Spirit:

I’m Marian and I’m suffering from severe depression. I need prayerful brothers and sisters to help me. Please ask God to send guardian angels and Jesus to lift the burdens from me. Please. I also hurt from severe pain. Pray that the doctor can give me the best medication. Amen! Thank You

Heal Rick in Alabama:

In terrible pain from a collapsed disc low in my neck. Losing use of left hand. Haven’t slept more that 3 hours a night in 6 weeks.

We lift up Henry’s prayer request from Tennessee for his daughter:

This prayer is for my daughters weak spirit whom is sick from chemical imbalance and also suffers from depression and a periodic addiction. She is suffering tremendously. The state has taken one of her children and now trying to get the other. She is pregnant and has sought help and there is trouble for her there as well in fear of them taking that child as well. There is much spiritual pain. I hurt for her and my grandbabies. God’s intervention is desperately needed to save her from this agony along with the children. She does love them and tries very hard to care for their needs. Her sickness is strong and her light is dim. God please save them. Make her strong and victorious through the blood of Christ. Help her to fight off these demons. I pray my daughter be restored and her children returned. Through Christ precious name Amen

Thank you for providing for Grace and her family:

The bank wants to repossess my house though I have been paying the agreed amount. I am scared to live in the street with 4 children. I am a faithful tither.
I have tried to arrange with them but they declined my proposal. Please help.

From Johannesburg, South Africa to New York City in the USA, from Zimbabwe to New Zealand, Lord, you know the needs brought to you in private prayer requests. We trust you and your plan for our lives. We love you Jesus!